RoadMech as part of its services offer battery jumpstart, battery recharge and even battery replacement as an option to make your engine running.

If you think you are having battery trouble, you can give us a call and our consultants with walk you through some quick queries to confirm that it is a battery issue only and not a mechanical trouble.

Usually, if your vehicle doesn't start, as in the ignition doesn't turn on, it usually means that you are probably having a battery issue. There may be other problems with your vehicle like issues with starter or corroded cables.

If your car was sitting in garage for long, or you have had your battery changed a long time back, then it is quite certain to assume that it is a battery issue only.

Once you lodge a request with RoadMech, the nearest service station would dispatch a mechanic to fix your issue. We would follow up with:

  • A jumpstart with a jumper cable
  • A quick charge for your battery
  • A new battery as a replacement(if needed).
  • A towing facility in case it is a deeper issue.**

At RoadMech, we primarily offer battery jumpstart, as the first step of solution. Our mechanic and consultant would then continue forward to examine your vehicle to make sure it is only a battery issue and not a case of a bad alternator.

In case the issue is other than your battery, we would suggest a towing service to the nearest RoadMech station or the service garage of your choice.

Your convenience is our priority and hence we make sure to keep you posted throughout the process about the progress of your service.