RoadMech, Your Friend for Auto Care RSA Road

Our Mission

To build a strong network of on-demand roadside assistance across the globes based on the consumers needs and provider expertise.

Our Aim

RoadMech plans on to reduce 20% of the road side expenses and unplanned losses that occur per annum by the year 2026.

Who We Are

RoadMech started with a vision to help people at the time of those late hours or emergency situations on road when their Vehicle Breakdown and they feel helpless since no one is around to fix their vehicle.

We started in the early 2000’s and launched our Roadside Assistance Services for the first time in South Africa.Our Team has got the mission to build a strong network of on-demand roadside assistance across the globes based on the consumers needs and provider expertise.

Driving to work, zipping to a party or on a long awaited road trip, RoadMech RSA lets you travel with complete peace of mind.Breakdowns are never welcome, but our Roadside Assistance Program will make sure that you are never left stranded.We provide support in the event of vehicle immobilisation due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, road traffic accident, flat battery, fuel shortage, tyre problems and locked/lost key amongst others.

Most of the Insurance Providers claim to provide RSA as an add on to the Vehicle Insurance Policy however due to the weak network of service providers the customer didn't get services on time.

RoadMech has built a strong network after deep analysis of market research and authorises the best service providers to deliver hassle free services to its customers in the designated region.

RoadMech follows an analytical based evaluation process to check the quality of services and deliver the same with RoadMech Certified Mechanics and Service providers. Hence, with one of the best service providers RoadMech offers to deliver the latest technology based solutions to its customers. This helps us in timely delivery of our services to our customers.

RoadMech ensures the safety of its customers hence we conduct Background check of each service provider along with the timely checking of quality of their services.

Our Recent Milestones

Our complete history would require a book, so here are some of the selected milestones from our recent years.


RoadMech Launched in South Africa with a vision to provide RSA services during the emergency breakdown of vehicle on road.

2013 – 2015

Understanding the need of RSA, RoadMech expanded its operation across Europe.

2016 – 2017

RoadMech expanded its operation to Middle East and South Asia.

2017 – 2018

RoadMech Labs is launched for providing learning, development and consulting support to our clients.


Presently RoadMech is planning to enhance their services with Telematics based solution and launch a new vertical for Driving Behaviour based Solutions