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RoadMech Labs associate the core competencies that run RoadMech to our corporate clientele's problem statements to bring out a change that establishes an industry wide quality standard.

RoadMech utilizes telematics to provide you a perfect driving assistance. It collects data related to your driving behaviour like overspeeding, aggressive brakes and harsh steering and performs a critical analysis on it on the go. In the journey to utilizes telematics as a power tool for driving analytics, RoadMech researched and developed many solutions. A telematics pipeline in itself is not a single technology but requires a vivid indepth coverage from multitude of domains like embedded systems, AI, programming, mathematics and even Physics. At RoadMech Labs, we strive to help fellow startups implement and integrate the same learnings in their respective domains. Below are the list of programs that are available for learning and experimentation purposes.

As part of RoadMech Labs solutions, you can get learning, development and consulting support in building tomorrow's technologies and also in solving existing problems. We have helped our clients improve their performances, productivity, annual throughput by providing top of the line support.

Embedded Systems: Implementation support and learning assistance around embedded programming, RTOS and IOT Platforms

QT Programming: Implementation support and learning assistance around QT for embedded programming.

Deep Learning: Implementation support and learning assistance around Neural Networks and Deep Learning problems related to NN, CNN and GAN.

Computer Vision: Our algorithms not only track and record your driver's daily driving patterns but also generate an independent and unique report for each driver. The driving behaviour and patterns involves alot more than simple data. We provide you implementation support and learning assistance around utilizing image processing and computer vision.

Configuration Automation: Implementation support and learning assistance around configuration using Ansible, Saltstack and Nagios.

Targetted and Isolated Containerization: Implementation support and learning assistance around container and virtualized environments using Docker and Kubernetes.

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