Vehicle Breakdown, Towing and RSA Substation - Delhi

  • Janpath
  • 22, KG Marg, Atul Grove Road
  • Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi
  • Delhi 110001

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RoadMech Substation Delhi

RoadMech Substation Delhi offers Vehicle Breakdown, Towing and RSA services for the whole city. RoadMech Auto Substation Delhi is also the connecting liason for all the RoadMech Service Station mechanics in the Delhi region. Delhi is a city and a union territory of India containing New Delhi, the capital of India. It is bordered by the state of Haryana on three sides and by Uttar Pradesh to the east.

Roadside Assistance in Delhi

As part of Breakdown and RSA services RoadMech in Delhi Offers:

  • Vehicle Towing in Delhi: RoadMech towing services helps in towing and transporting your vehicle to nearest RoadMech Service Station, your home or even Service Garages of your choice.
  • Battery Jumpstart in Delhi: RoadMech as part of its services offer battery jumpstart, battery recharge and even battery replacement as an option to make your engine running.
  • Flat Tyre Assistance in Delhi: RoadMech offer assistance in cases of flat tyre, damaged tyre, ripped or bursted tyres by offering a quick puncture fix if its a puncture, an air pressure check,a spare tyre replacement and even new tyre as an offer.
  • Mechanical Faults Repair in Delhi: RoadMech offers assistance for mechanical faults like engine issues, faulty lights, faulty brakes, mafunctioning electronics.
  • Fuel Delivery in Delhi: RoadMech offers fuel delivery assistance in case you are stranded on road with no fuel in your vehicle. We support Petrol, Diesel and Quick Electric Refueling.
  • Key Lockout Assistance in Delhi: In case you are facing problems related to key lock out, RoadMech offers key replacement and key damage related assistance in case of key lockouts.
  • Tele Assistance for Minor Repairs in Delhi: Our team of RoadMech advisors ensures that they walk you through the fixing of minor issues. In case the trouble persists, we will immediately send out a RoadMech mechanic to fix your trouble

Vehicle Services and Assistance in Delhi

As part of vehicle services RoadMech in Delhi Offers:

  • Doorstep Vehicle Servicing in Delhi: RoadMech offers doorstep vehicle service in most of our serviced cities. Our service usually covers servicing and tuning of engine, car fluids, suspension, HVAC and other motor components of your vehicle. Based on the service location and resource availability we might have limited service availability. In such situations we would have to take your vehicle to nearest RoadMech Service Station. We offer free pick and drop facility of your vehicle throughout the process.
  • Auto Repair Works in Delhi: We also support onsite repair assistance for mechanical faults in cases when there is additional repair work required like change in shockers, brakes, AC filters, ECU kits.
  • Vehicle Insurance and Renewal in Delhi: RoadMech offers vehicle insurance and renewal plans to its members at amazing prices and discounts. You may also get:Up to $300 discounts on your annual cover, Added benefits on Vintage Cars and Recreational Vehicles (RVs), Discounts on international hotels and flight reservations.
  • Premium Polishing and Coating in Delhi: RoadMech offers premium coating and polishing solutions for your cars and luxury bikes.You may choose to have: Different variants of ceramic coating, Convenient variants of teflon, Normal Polishing for scratching, Denting Works, Interior and Fabric protection.

RM Analysis Figures

As part of our regular surveys, quality check and audits via our Auto Substation Delhi, RoadMech assures a serving of an average of 6 highways with an average service delivery score of 8.3 in peak hours. Please note, these figures are from the tests conducted at a regular interval and may vary from time to time.